Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sulligent Representative Joins Democratic Caucus

MONTGOMERY - State Representative Daniel Boman of Sulligent announced today that he is switching to the Democratic Party and will caucus with the House Democrats for the remainder of this year's legislative session. Boman represents House District 16, encompassing Fayette, Lamar and Tuscaloosa counties.

At a press conference at the State House earlier this afternoon, Representative Boman said that he felt it necessary to pursue a different avenue in the legislature to protect the needs of his constituents. "During this current session I have seen this legislative body pass bills that I feel adversely affect what my people back home want, need, and deserve ... I will never choose the Party over the people again."

Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy welcomed Representative Boman to the ranks of the Democratic Party, saying, "The tide is changing in Alabama and across the nation as more and more people get sick and tired of the reckless cuts Republicans are making to our budgets, our education system and valuable social services like Medicaid and Medicare. This has been a great week for Democrats and we look forward to carrying this momentum into next year's elections."

Boman's switch comes on the heels of an incredible local Democratic victory in DeKalb County, where Jerome Tinker became the first Democrat elected to County Commission District 1 since the districts were established in 1994.

Democrats nationally also made gains in New York this week with the election of Democrat Kathy Hochul in a special election in Congressional District 26, a district that went Republican with 74% of the vote in 2010.

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