September 2011 puzzler

Please, sir, can we have just another few days. We're expecting things to turn around any day now.
Would you like fries with that?

حسنا ، أنا أعرف قلنا الديمقراطية. ولكن تحتاج إلى فهم عندما قلنا اننا الديمقراطية ما يعني ان يقول انه...

Well, I know we said democracy. But you need to understand when we said democracy what we meant to say was...

Aceptar. Muchas gracias. Ahora bien, si sólo me muestran lo que un receptor de pollo vivo en realidad no se puede cerrar la puerta al salir. El hace lo que! Hmmmmm. Tal vez usted debería permanecer por apenas unos pocos días más.

OK. Thank you very much. Now if you'll just show me what a live chicken catcher actually does you can close the door on your way out. He does what! Hmmmmm. Maybe you should stay for just a few more days.  

Hey Bruder, glaubst du, du könntest ein paar Dollar übrig? Dieses chinesische Kerl ist wirklich kriechen meine "weißt du was." Ich zahle dir zurück in eine kleine Weile. Hell. Hang on. Ich geh zu etwas mehr Geld. Wir können nur den Handel. Cool?

Hey brother, do you think you could spare a few bucks? This Chinese guy  is really crawling up my "you know what." I'll pay you back in a little while. Hell. Hang on. I'll just go make some more cash. We can just trade. Cool?