Sunday, March 6, 2011

New: BFP Music is Now Online

What is BFP Music? It's your music. We don't need to write some drivel about how your favorite band reminds us of King Crimson, or how we choose to categorize their sound, it's all like apricot wine, or chocolate truffles.

Our terms...local, local, local. If it has a local connection, you'll see it here. Old, new, future, we don't care. Primarily we'll focus on music from Birmingham. But we're game for Alabama stuff too. Country, pop, rock, alternative, we don't give a crap. If your pet rats make music on their exercise wheel...we want to see it.

You can view our posts at, stop by our Facebook page, Birmingham Freepress-music, or follow the link from our website.

The philosophy behind Free Press music is that art speaks for itself. We might fill in some details: show dates, history of the band, members, what the band members wore to bed last night, that sort of thing. But we intend to keep it simple. We might throw a comment onto the Facebook page. You might find a review, if it's really good, in the features section of the paper. But we intend to keep the boring stuff that nobody reads out of BFP Music.

Please email questions, comments or anything you want to see us post to:

OK then. That's that.

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